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Huawei again hiring ‘Genius Employees’ to speed up vital sectors of the company



Huawei Genius Employees

Huawei is again hiring some new faces as Genius Employees for the company. This is the second time in this year, that the Chinese manufacturer has begun the recruitment program. Accordingly, the company is doing so to elevate the progress in vital areas.

The latest information suggests that Huawei requires a group of genius employees that are capable of smashing the blockage of the firm. At the same time, this recruitment program also targets some unique talents for the significant fields in the company. For instance Processors, Intelligent Manufacturing, and most importantly – the supply chain.

So far, Huawei executives reported that the company has already begun its hunt for new generation individuals. To lead the industry on the path to success, there must be a continuous addition of new talents to the firm. By the year 2023, this demand will reach a count of 766,500 employees with a talent gap of 200,000. But looking at the previous reports, the company gained only 30,000 professionals per year, to date. As a result, there are chances for having a huge talent gap mainly in the chip sectors.

However, despite the less talent in the company, Huawei never let down the success bar in the market. On the flip side, the Chinese tech maker keeps on advertising and calling for new talents that can eventually add to the growth and development of the company.

Huawei Genius Employees

Alternatively, the chairman of Huawei – Hu Houkun said that in the next three years, the corporation will fruitfully be able to obtain more than 3 million new computing technology talents.

What does the term Genius Employees Reflect?

Back in time, the executive supervisor of Huawei – Chen Lifang expressed the definition of the Genius Employee.

” The term “genius boy” is a label before entering Huawei. After entering Huawei, “genius boy” cannot be a boy forever, and ultimately depends on the actual value and contribution.”

This statement mentions that it is not easy to become one of the crucial members of the Huawei family. Firstly, it takes good talent, hard work, and determination to enter. Thereafter, clearing 7 rounds of interviews, one can achieve a reputable position in the organization.


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