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Huawei announces Huawei 2021 Excellent Partner Awards



Huawei Excellent Partner Awards

To present gratitude to the global partners for their outstanding contributions to the market, industry solutions, and technological innovation, Huawei initiated the annual award activity.

On 22nd September, the company has announced Huawei 2021 Excellent partner Awards in two categories- commercial and technical. Moving ahead, both categories are further divided into sub-categories announcing a total of 53 winning partners.

Below you can check the selected winners in both categories: 

Commercial awards: 

  • Global Sales Excellent Partner: Eemont Private Limited, ConnectoWay,  Foresight Technology, Beijing Advanced Data Communication Technology, China Information
  • Excellent Global Partner: Si Aipu, Deloitte China, Kunlun Shuzhi Technology
  • Global Outstanding General Distributor: VST ECS, Redington Gulf FZE, China National Building Material Information Technology, Digital China Group
  • Global Outstanding Industry Solution Partner: Topway Information, Zhejiang Xunmeng Technology, Beijing Zhiyuan Internet Software, Yuntian Lifei, Everbright Technology
  • Excellent Global Talent Ecosystem Partner: South African Public College Organization, University of Malaya, Egyptian National Telecommunications Research Institute, Jacqueline Franco Engineering and Service Simplification Joint Stock Company, Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Excellent Huawei Cloud Sales Partner: PricewaterhouseCoopers China, Chinasoft International Information Technology, iSoftStone Information Technology,  Xiamen Bigu Technology, Ture IDC


Technical awards:

  1. Best Huawei Cloud Technical Practice Partner: Shanghai Zhenyun Information Technology, Kingdee Software, UFIDA Network Technology, MISFIT Technology
  2. Kunpeng Best Practice Partner: Beijing Kelan Software System, Beiming Software, Beijing Haohan Deepin Information Technology,  Tongfang Computer,  Baode Computer System
  3. Ascend Best Practice Partner: HKUST iFlytek, Anqing (Tianjin) Computer, Institute of Automation Chinese Academy, Institute of Software Chinese Academy
  4. Best Connectivity Practice Partner: Asia Control Technology, Shanghai Huidian Power Equipment Engineering, ZDNS
  5. Best Digital Power Practice Partner:  Bull Group, Baode Technology Group, Shenzhen Daotong Technology
  6. OpenEuler Best Practice Partner: Kylin Software, Tongxin Software Technology
  7. OpenGauss Best Practice Partner: Beijing Mass Data Technology
  8. Data storage Best Practice Partner: Beijing Yihualu Information Technology

What will the winners get:

The Huawei excellent partner awards winners will get to join the “Huawei Connect 2021 Partner” event. Additionally, they are able to take part activity such as keynote speeches and roundtables. Aside, they can also participate in the company’s annual joint marketing campaigns.

Huawei Partners: 

At present, Huawei Cloud including Kunpeng and Shengteng has over 19,000 ecological partners, which continue to increase more. The partner alliance includes more than 22,000 sales partners, 1,80 solution partners, 5900 service partners, 1600 talent alliances, and 100 investors.

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