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Huawei and Samsung may battle with low-price foldable phones in H2 2024



Huawei Samsung low-price foldable

News regarding Huawei cites that the company plans to introduce low-price foldable phones in the second half of 2024, competing with its well-known rival – Samsung. Both firms are likely to bring affordable folding gadgets later this year.

The information implies that a step towards low-price foldable phones will give rise to new competition between Huawei and Samsung in the market. Another significance of this step could be more popularity of folding devices among consumers.

Since many of the clamshell or vertical small folding phones are already present in the form of cost-effective products, this strategy could show up for book-type foldables.

Further inputs reveal that Huawei will continue to possess an inward-fold design for its upcoming foldable phones. The Chinese tech giant is also hearsay to pick large screen sizes and more powerful processors than the previous-generation models.

Huawei is already working on various Kirin chips alongside dedicated PC processors. Thus it won’t be surprising to see a new and robust Kirin chip for the next coming folding smartphones. Although Huawei has yet to shed official light on this subject.

Samsung, on the other hand, may adopt the UTG (ultrathin glass) tech to enhance the durability aspects, making the folding phone market competition more fierce.

Huawei Samsung low-price foldable

Huawei Samsung to join low-price foldable race (Image Credits: Huawei)

Huawei Tri-Fold Phone:

The Chinese tech maker is currently busy with its tri-fold handset which is likely to debut on the stage somewhere in the second quarter of this year. Huawei has also announced a new patent related to the triple-foldable phone with better visuals.

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An introduction of affordable folding phones on Huawei shelves will ultimately help increase the company’s growth in both China and the global market. It would be worth seeing how much time the company will take to step into the low-price folding handsets subject.

Huawei tri-fold patent mechanism

(Source – DigiTimes)

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