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Huawei and Oniro OS announced to jointly build the future IoT ecosystem



Huawei Oniro Ecosystem

Huawei, Oniro OS, SFScon, and NOI Techpark jointly declared to build an ecosystem for future IoT devices. However, Oniro is the project of the Eclipse Foundation. In October 2021, based on the OpenHarmony project, the Eclipse foundation launched Oniro OS, a smart, transparent, vendor-neutral, and independent operating system for the next generation of distributed systems.

The Oniro project is aimed at daily necessities, such as smart TVs, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, smart speakers, and other household devices. South Tyrol is a real technology field and has a wealth of incubators and companies.

Talking about the companies, Huawei and NOI Techpark has been cooperating with each other for a long time. This is a kind of cooperation that has allowed both parties to join the Eclipse Foundation working group Oniro. Oniro reflects the 360° open-source model solves the problems of the Internet of Things (IoT) world.

“The new goal is to make the collaboration between different brands, different invoices, and different models of equipment truly effective,” said Davide Ricci

About Davide Ricci:

Davide Ricci is Director of Huawei Open Source Technology Center (OSTC), a technical expert, and the speaker of the latest SFScon, South Tyrol Free Software Conference held at the Bolzano Innovation Center.

Huawei Oniro Ecosystem

New Goal:

To achieve the aim the IoT devices need to communicate with each other and to begin with strong artificial intelligence means providing the end-users with one. To date, the main problem is that each company that markets these products does not communicate with competitors’ technology, but with different licenses, agreements, and technical baselines, private or non-open source.

Oniro-Ricci explained that the goal is to precisely create compatibility so that companies and multinational companies sit around an open-source table, which is fair and elite, and an equally equal technology can give those who want equal opportunities to the community Contribute to development.

The project is managed by the Eclipse Foundation, which officially released the Oniro project on October 26, 2021, for community adoption. While talking about open source, it is necessary to look at rules and precise rules to ensure the neutrality of the project and the proper conduct of activities.

From this assumption, we can derive the powerful experience of the NOI Technology Park: “Collaboration and Display Techpark Focus Intellectual Property Management Policy-Rich said thanks to the creation of a real manifesto (software material list-SBOM) explaining the basis of open source license management, components, and subcomponents Oniro”.

So far, the Oniro working group has 5 active members, and its goal is to involve others, especially to use NOI Techpark’s strategic role in the Austria-German environment to spread a cross-device ecosystem view and be completely open, transparent, and safe.

Security issues are another factor that is strongly felt within Oniro and part of the long-term debate about the future of technology.

“Everything must pass through the cloud today, but also because of the monetization of data. But. This has caused the fragmentation and unfairness of the Internet of Things because it believes that collaboration between devices can only be achieved through the cloud, without considering the powerful perspective provided by Edge,” said Huawei expert

This project has so many resources and the problem now is to understand and let people understand what are the potential advantages of such an open-source project. Those who participate in similar forms run by the Eclipse Foundation are safe and their investments are protected by a neutral entity.

Therefore, even in the same project, competitors can coexist, which makes the company feel protected. This is undoubtedly a slower development process compared to work done independently by a single supplier, but it is more stable over time. “The success of the Oniro project depends on how many active partners decide to participate. Their number will determine how many devices will be launched in the next few years.

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