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China Mobile and Huawei to launch China’s first 5G indoor positioning trial commercial project



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A few days ago, Huawei and China have announced China’s first 5G indoor positioning trial commercial project successfully at Huawei’s Tuanbowa plant in China. This system is based on the “5G indoor positioning technology” and it can simultaneously meet the needs of 5G communication + precise positioning, and conduct the dual use of one network.

The previous report reveals that the latest Huawei and China mobile 5G project was implemented in Dongguan Huawei’s Tuanbowa plant, and 90% of the positioning results achieved precise positioning within a range of 1-3 meters, which will promote the improvement of plant logistics efficiency.

Huawei China mobile 5G system

Huawei’s Tuanbowa 5G indoor positioning is a 4.9GHz 5G network deployment by China Mobile Guangdong and Huawei. The integrated positioning platform provided by China Mobile Shanghai Industrial Research Institute is the first commercial trial to achieve an indoor accurate positioning project.

Previously, Suzhou Mobile and Huawei conducted a 5G indoor positioning capability verification in the Suzhou Metro. With the hidden deployment of the base station pRRU, it achieved a positioning accuracy of 3 to 5 meters in 90% of the subway platform and hall area. It is a 5G indoor positioning function and the first live network verification in the world.

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