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5.5G will bring 10 Gbps download speed: Huawei



5.5G 10Gbps

During the Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week, David Wang, Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of the ICT infrastructure Managing Board of Huawei said that 5.5G. could achieve up to 10 Gbps downlink through Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technologies. 5G is continuously making progress and similar to the past network versions, telecom giant – Huawei is making new evolution in advancements such as 5.5G.

5.5G could enhance and utilize to boast larger bandwidth, higher spectrum efficiency, and higher-order modulation. The 5.5G 10 Gbps could be achieved with the use of next-generation technologies like FTTR, Wi-Fi 7, 50G PON, and 800G, F5.5G.

“Looking ahead to 2025, the sheer diversity and magnitude of network service requirements will create huge new market potential,” said Wang. “We’re here to discuss these opportunities with operators and industry partners, and explore the innovations we need to help pave the way for 5.5G.”

Wang also promoted the six new features of 5.5G for a better user experience and development of the network industry.

5.5G 10 Gbps huawei


  1. 10 Gbps user experience
  2. New business scope beyond connectivity
  3. Diversified computing
  4. Data-centric storage
  5. Adaptation of full-stack AI native will make L4 highly autonomous driving networks (ADNs)
  6. Development of green technology and system-level innovation for energy efficiency

“As we move towards the 5.5G era, all industry players need to work together to bring standards to maturity and cultivate a thriving industry,” said Wang.

There are three recommendations that Wang added to his speech, mentioned below.

  • The industry needs to work closely together to define the vision and roadmap for 5.5G.
  • The industry should define technology standards within the standards frameworks set by 3GPP, ETSI, and ITU.
  • All industry players should work together to promote a thriving industry ecosystem by incubating more use cases and accelerating digital, intelligent transformation.

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