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Huawei and China Mobile won ICT innovation Award



Huawei China Mobile ICT award

Recently, the China Association of Communications Enterprises announced the results of the annual selection activity of “ICT China (2022) Case Collection and Release”. The “RoCE Lossless Ethernet-Based Customer Service Distributed Cloud System” project jointly declared by Huawei stood out and won the Outstanding ICT “Innovative Application” award along side China Mobile.

This ICT award fully affirms China Mobile customer service distributed cloud system and Huawei data center intelligent lossless Ethernet storage network and demonstrates Huawei’s important role in helping operators build an industry-leading intelligent customer service distributed cloud system.

The development of Chinese internet-based service has brought changes in the customer service business. FhuThe scale of online marketing service businesses is growing rapidly. From 2016 to 2021, the compound annual growth rate of the market scale of China’s online marketing industry is about 20%-30%. The continuous increase in the amount of production data and the frequency of reading and writing of business systems poses a huge challenge to the functions and performance of the business support system infrastructure.

To this end, China Mobile has built a customer service distributed cloud system. In the distributed cloud system, the industry usually adopts the traditional Ethernet network.

However, under the high-performance and fast-changing business system, the disadvantage of natural packet loss is magnified and becomes the bottleneck of business performance improvement.

To solve these issues, Huawei and China Mobile have deployed an intelligent lossless Ethernet storage network in the customer service distributed cloud system, greatly improving service performance and customer experience.

The intelligent lossless Ethernet storage network reduces the service end-to-end delay by introducing the RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) protocol into the Ethernet network, effectively reducing the intelligent traffic interaction delay by about 200 milliseconds, and improving the user’s online experience.

The high-performance RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet, RDMA based on Converged Ethernet) lossless technology achieves zero packet loss in network transmission and improves the overall performance by more than 30%. The ultra-wide bearer and second-level convergence feature greatly improve business stability.

Huawei China Mobile ICT award

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