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Huawei Books app added 100000 new e-books



huawei books 100000 e-books

Huawei Books already has a large variety of e-books and with the recent partnership with a Chinese Literature group, the app will now offer over 100000 new books for users. According to the information, Huawei and China Literature Group formally announced cooperation to bring 100000 new e-books to Huawei Books app.

It’s revealed that China Literature owns multiple brands such as China’s QQ Books and Qidian and has gathered many well-known content IPs including “Douluo Dalu”, “Celebrating More Than Years”, “Tomb Notes” and “Langya List”.

In addition, Huawei Books also announced the launch of limited free activities. Until January 31, 2023, “Douluo Dalu”, “Ghost Blowing Lantern”, “Tomb Raiders Notes”, “Langya List”, “Jun Jiuling”, “Celebrating More Than Years” ” and dozens of well-known IPs will be available on Huawei Books.

Huawei Reading has created a lot of personalized features such as the seamless flow of content in the whole scene and instant reading adapted, which is based on Huawei’s software and hardware collaboration capabilities. Furthermore, it has customized vocals, aiming to bring users a more immersive reading experience.

In terms of quality, Huawei Books promises to provide a convenient reading experience. It all starts with product viewing and details such as fonts, line spacing, and page-turning features.

It brings high-quality typesetting, which is comparable to the presentation of paper books, and the content will be accurately recommended according to readers’ reading habits.

huawei books 100000 e-books

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