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Huawei and China Mobile brings new 5G call feature



Huawei 5G call feature

Recently, the China Mobile Jiangsu group has associated with Huawei and introduced the new and first ever 5G call feature. The latest information states that this feature will ultimately prove a thoughtful implementation for facetime purposes.

We are living in the technology era where everything is stepping towards an advanced version. Whether we talk about smart gadgets or the latest services. Every company is trying to develop such traits in their products that can benefit the user to the utmost level.

In the series of display and communication services, facetime plays a very crucial role. It connects you with your loved ones in no time and makes every little moment very special. To enhance this outstanding function in a better way, Huawei and China Mobile (Jiangsu Group) have released the iconic 5G call feature.

What is this new 5G calling feature and how does it work?

According to the reports, the cooperations have imposed three significant functions to the 5G new calling scenario. These three functions are as follows:

  • Lighting up the screen
  • Barrier-Free Communication
  • Interesting Call

Huawei 5G call feature

Among all three functions, lighting up the screen is the most highlighted and unique feature. You would have noticed that while connecting a video call, the screen stops abruptly. This often ends up showing some of your disgusting expressions to the other person.

However, with the lighting up the screen function, you can choose the way how your screen should look. For instance, you can present a personalized avatar, audio, video, and any other picture instead of showing the real-time scenario on camera.

On the flip side, the second function allows you to make a voice call without any barriers. It also lets you synchronize your calls with facetime action simultaneously. Further, it enhances the interaction connection and enriches the video quality.

Besides, the new 5G call feature will let you efficiently use the visual menu, remote troubleshooting, customer authorization, voice control, one-click direct access, and quick processing even when you are on a call. Ultimately, this feature will bring a new way to deal with calls and connect to your friends and colleagues.

Although, there is no information regarding when we would be able to use this feature. Regardless, if this is the upcoming future of the communication field then users will definitely enjoy it.


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