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UFSC fusion fast charging protocol led by Huawei is coming



Huawei UFSC fast charging protocol

Huawei and some other popular brands in China (Oppo, vivo, and Xiaomi) have associated to bring the UFSC fusion fast charging protocol. Ultimately, this protocol will be a great help in providing fast charging compatibility among various tech giants.

The well-known Weibo tipster @DigitalChatStation has informed that the UFSC fusion fast charging protocol led by Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and vivo is about to land. The protocol will improve the fast charging integration between different smartphone manufacturers and will make their charging solutions universal.

Huawei has been running in the race for technologies for a long time and understands the basic demands of users in this field. Among several essential features of a device, the users mainly look for the battery power and charging efficiency.

So far, the Chinese manufacturer has built the Super Turbocharging mechanisms that cure battery life anxiety with 100W of fast charging. However, every brand has its fast charging technology which often doesn’t work on a universal level.

Thus, to change this independent manner, all four companies decided to bring on the Universal Fast Charging Specification (UFSC) to the surface. The main supporter of this agreement is the Telecom Terminal Industry Association.

Huawei UFSC fast charging protocol

How UFSC fusion will prove a benefit?

Eventually, this technique will support effective fast charging and unites the adapters and terminals from various brands and manufacturers. At present, the general maximum power of this protocol is 40W which is just incomparable with the private Turbocharging (100W).

But, the second stage of this technology exhibits 65W. Hence, the availability of general power will gradually increase with time to a higher level. Alternatively, this initiative will solve the problem of incompatibility of inter-matching fast charging. Moreover, it will create a fast, safe, and adaptable charging scenario for users.

The tipster further shares another piece of news in this matter. Consequently, the integration of fast charging technology has been successfully implemented. Some of the major devices have begun imposing the new technology and soon the list will give space to more models.

Huawei UFSC fast charging protocol


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