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After Apple, Samsung wants to follow Huawei for Satellite Communication feature



Huawei Satellite communication Samsung

Huawei and its satellite communication feature are tremendously trending around the world. Apple has also used this feature in iPhone 14 series. And it looks like, it’s time for Samsung to copy Huawei regarding satellite communication features.

Huawei technologies have always been a surprise to the world. Whether it is a new imaging system or design-oriented features, the company has served users with some awesome and eye-catching gadgets and attributes.

If we talk about the recent edition, the Chinese manufacturer has initiated a satellite communication feature with Mate 50 series. Following the lead, Apple also jumped on the ground and brought the respective part in its latest release (iPhone 14).

Ultimately, the two giant tech makers made the satellite subject quite popular in the market. And as a famous tech player, Samsung doesn’t want to remain behind in this race and is also planning to follow the same satellite communication path as Huawei.

Huawei Satellite communication Samsung

Samsung – A new member in satellite connectivity!

According to the newest information, the Korean company might introduce satellite connectivity functions to its high-profile Galaxy smartphones. Though Samsung is just planning for the moment, we can’t say how much time it will take to bring the feature to the surface.

On the other hand, the information also suggests that Samsung could turn its face to another satellite connectivity provider rather than Globalstar. Since Apple has already shaken its hands with Globalstar for receiving 85% of its current and future network capacity. Hence, it doesn’t seem like there is any space left for Samsung.

Yet, other satellite connectivity providers could help Samsung in this aspect. As per the reports, the company can take help from Starlink services to implement the satellite features on its handset products. But confirmation from the company side still awaits.

Speaking of the satellite communication feature, Apple has such techniques that can send a short SOS message in just 15 seconds. However, the condition is that the function is only applicable under a clear sky. Otherwise, it can take more than minutes. Overall, we can say that Huawei scored much better in this subject than others.

(source – Phonearena)

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