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Huawei and Arravo Harp unveil MSP cloud solution in Nigeria to boost business profitability



Huawei MSP solution business

Huawei and Arravo Harp have jointly unveiled the MSP (Managed Service Platform) solution in Lagos, Nigeria to boost business aspects in profitability. Both parties aim to help enterprises in the region and offer them global-scale facilities.

What is MSP?

According to the information, MSP refers to a cloud-based solution that integrates advanced AI capabilities. It is a completely managed solution package and helps enterprises save costs on cloud computing services and related operations.

Eventually, MSP is a secure solution and also shields users’ data from being hacked. It encrypts the organization’s network and prevents unauthorized access to it.

On the flip side, it enables businesses to look after their fundamental operations and improve them significantly. In short, the respective solution will bring relief to enterprises from the traditional cloud computing problems and challenges.

Huawei MSP solution business

So far, enterprises used cloud service providers to manage their network from a remote location. However, the latest MSP solution by Huawei and Arravo Harp will help business organizations host the network locally in Nigeria.

At the same time, MSP will help in minimizing capital expenses and operating expenses. Customers need not invest in their private cloud technology as the MSP solution will take care of all the facilities and let businesses focus on their key tasks for better profitability.

Huawei’s Network Solutions Sales Manager – Atabor Hamza said that the effective solution will promote the growth of advanced networks. It can easily handle tasks related to AI and big data and plays a vital role across different sectors like health, education, and more.


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