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Huawei French offices were reportedly searched over suspicious financial acts



Huawei French offices financial acts

Huawei French offices have been reportedly searched and investigated by the Financial Prosecutors for illegal and suspicious acts. The details reveal that the authorities further accused Huawei of corruption and wrongly taking interest.

The incident took place on February 06, 2024 (Thursday) when French Financial Prosecutors ran to Huawei offices in Paris and began the search in the name of ‘breach of integrity’, based on illegal acts and financial wrongdoings.

According to the information, the French authorities claimed that the Chinese tech giant is under suspicion for breaking rules regarding good faith and involving in unlawful actions like misuse of public funds, bribe of power, and more.

Meanwhile, Huawei denied all these allegations and remained confident in its statement throughout the search. The company also added that it will cooperate with the authorities till the end without breaking any laws or rules of the nation.

“Huawei has cooperated fully with the investigations and will continue to do so. Huawei has been in France for over 20 years and has been in compliance with all French laws and regulations. While Huawei France does not wish to comment on an ongoing investigation, the company remains confident about its conclusions.” – said Huawei in an email.

Huawei French offices financial acts

Huawei France: History

The tech giant stepped into France in 2003 and to date, it has around six research centers and a global design center in the country. Besides, Huawei is now working on a new factory in Alsace in northeastern France to manufacture products like mobile telecom networks for 5G services.

So far, the company has a 20% share of the France telecommunication market. Huawei is already struggling with severe rules by the French government over national security. As of now, another problem has taken the lead. Though the company remains optimistic about the outcomes.


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