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Biden administration plans to block import of Chinese ‘smart cars’ in U.S.



Biden block Chinese smart cars U.S.

Biden administration is looking forward to block roads for the import of Chinese ‘smart cars’ in the U.S. To do so, the authorities are planning to step beyond the tariff increment and can even opt for strict regulations over automobile trading.

According to the information, the Biden administration is considering these steps regarding data security concerns. If true, these measures will also apply to electric vehicles and their significant parts that are being imported from China.

Eventually, this new step is in consideration to keep all the Chinese companies like Huawei and automakers out of the U.S. Meanwhile, the Biden administration worries about those China-made EVs that ship to the country via Mexico.

Apart from the vehicles, the U.S. could apply new measures to those countries that are in the circle of security threats. The authorities believe that the abundance of data collected by smart cars could be a risk to national data privacy.

Biden block Chinese smart cars U.S.

Concerning Point:

Most of the EV including gas-powered and electric ones install the latest modems that can efficiently connect them to the internet. Such modems help in gathering information about the driver. Though the U.S. authorities think that it can enable Chinese automakers to hack consumers’ data and misuse them.

For now, the Biden administration seeks to increase duties and rules on the Chinese smart cars in the U.S. and block certain aspects until it takes a firm decision to address data security concerns.

Perhaps, it seems as if the U.S. authorities continue to target Chinese firms in the name of data security. However, companies like Huawei have started pulling their steps from the market or taking aid from foreign equipment. As of now, they are trying to stand alone with their self-developed components.


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