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New Huawei tech could deploy airbag based on driver/passenger posture: Patent



huawei new airbag posture

Huawei is rapidly innovating in the field of smart car technologies. Therefore, the airbag is one of the most essential accessories, which Huawei has taken to the next level with a new tech, which opens according to the posture of driver and passengers.

According to the information, Huawei has filed a new patent with application number CN116279275A, published on June 23, 2023. Also, it’s titled “Airbag control system, control method, and Vehicle”.

The details of this patent tech consist of an airbag control system, control features, and a vehicle. In contrast, this new tech resolves and reduces the issue of airbag malfunctioning and inaccurate protection.

huawei new airbag posture

Technical Description

Below you can check the complete technical details described in the patent (translated).

The specific scheme is as follows: the control system includes a detection device and a controller, the detection device is used to detect information on the occupant’s sitting posture; when the airbag is instructed to deploy, the controller determines the occupant’s sitting posture of the occupant be protected according to the occupant’s sitting posture information, and controls the airbag from The folded state unfolds to a target unfolded state that corresponds to the occupant’s sitting posture.

The airbag can protect the rear occupants. For example, the occupant above’s sitting posture information is the angle between the seat and the seat cushion, and the seat coordinates. In this way, the occupant’s sitting posture information is different, and the deployment state of the airbag is different, thereby improving the occupant’s protection performance.

It is understood that when a car has a traffic collision, the sensor can sense the collision information and immediately send a collision signal to the control unit of the car’s airbag. When the car airbag control unit receives the signal from the sensor, it will detect the current deceleration. If the slowdown exceeds a predetermined value, it will send an instruction to the inflator of the car airbag, and the ignition device will ignite and explode.

The gas produced by the explosion quickly fills the airbag, avoiding the collision between the driver and passengers of the car and the front dashboard, steering wheel, compartment, and other objects, and protecting the lives of the people in the car. However, the protection performance of the airbag to the occupant needs to be improved.

Currently, there’s no information available about the inclusion of this new airbag posture technology for Huawei powered vehicles but it may be adopted in the future.


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