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Huawei patent reveals gesture recognition for remote control devices



Huawei gesture recognition remote control

Huawei patent technologies are awesome and recently, the Chinese tech maker has received a new patent that could allow gesture recognition for remote control devices.

China’s patent office published a Huawei patent with application number CN115812188A on March 17, 2023, while it was applied on August 6, 2020.

Details show that Huawei has filed this patent for a brand-new technology that would allow a device to perform recognition of gesture movement to control another device that is remote-controlled in real-time.

In action, the patent provides a method and a handheld device for remote interaction with a second device. It includes apparatus identification to the second device from a plurality of devices based on a user’s gesture.

When a user makes gestures, motion sensors sensing the motion of these gestures can generate signals that can be processed by rule-based and/or learning-based methods. Processing of these signals may be used to identify said second device.

In order to improve performance, the user may be prompted to confirm that the identified second device is the device that the user wishes to remotely control. Processing of these signals may also allow a user to remotely interact with the said second device.

Currently, Huawei has not revealed any plans to adapt this system to real devices but we can wait for that in the future.

Huawei gesture recognition remote control

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