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Hongmeng OS in-vehicle autonomous car operating system launched by Huawei



Huawei is set to unveil a new update of Honmeng OS/HarmonyOS at Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2020. Meanwhile, at the 2020 China Auto Forum in Shanghai, Huawei announced three new car operating and software systems based on its Hongmeng OS.

Wang Jun, President of Huawei Smart Car Solutions announced Hongmeng cockpit operating system, HOS, developed to experience the decoupling of cockpit software and hardware.

Hongmeng OS is a distributed architecture operating system and seamlessly established connections across different devices including Smartphones, TVs, wearables, and automobiles.

Basic services provided for core capabilities include Voice Interaction, Visual Recognition, and Audio Optimization. These services are created with the joint efforts of car companies and allow partners to quickly develop the smart car application ecosystem.

Huawei also announced its smart driving operating system, AOS, that meets the core requirement of smart driving software development. It has passed ASIL-D & EAL5+ certification and supports a rich AI native development library to make the development of an intelligent driving system more efficient.

Moreover, Huawei’s intelligent vehicle control operating system VOS natively supports multi-core modeled toolchain and is compatible with AUTOSAR making the smooth migration of the original engine control unit (ECU) system code and the centralized development of multiple ECUs simple and efficient.

According to Huawei, the VOS operating system will be open source and will help automakers to achieve autonomous control according to their requirements.

Moreover, Huawei also introduced a cross-domain integrated scheduling system, Vehicle Stack, which is a service-oriented cross-domain integrated software framework that enables development, verification, and deployment of vehicle features.

Through the distributed data and security framework, the integration of cross-domain capabilities and unified openness can call system capabilities according to the application scenarios and experience requirements of the entire vehicle to achieve the best performance and experience.

Currently, Huawei has not shared any exact information on its partners that adopted that HarmonyOS based in-vehicle system but we’ll keep you posted with further updates.


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