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HDC 2020: EMUI 11, HarmonyOS 2.0, HMS Core 5, 5G and more [Full Schedule and Details]



Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (HDC 2020) set for September 10 and host until September 12 at Huawei’s Songshan Lake headquarters in China. During this three day event, the company will hold Keynotes, Tech. Sessions and codes for new announcements, discussion, and exchange between Huawei experts, partners, and developers.

HDC 2020 is being promoted as HDC. Together, which is generally based on new solutions for developers and new software technology for the consumers.

This year, Huawei will introduce the EMUI 11, HarmonyOS 2.0, new Kits in HMS Core 5.0, 5G software solutions, and more. Let’s take a look at the details below.

Tip: You can check the event’s Livestream details below.


Invited Guests:

  • Yu Chengdong (Richard Yu), CEO of Huawei Consumer BG Executive Director of Huawei
  • Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei Consumer BG Software Engineering Department
  • Zhang Ping’an, President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service Department
  • Shao Yang, Chief Strategy Officier of Huawei Consumer BG
  • Bian Honglin, Chief Technology Officier of Huawei Consumer BG
  • Wang Yanmin, President of Huawei Consumer BG Global Partnerships & Eco-Development Department

Timeline and Agenda:

September 10, 2020: Opening Keynotes

Huawei will kick off the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (Together) with Keynote from Richard Yu about new announcements on EMUI 11, HMS Core 5.0 and HarmonyOS 2.0, 5G, AI, and more. These new technologies and their features will then be detailed by the respective department and BG officials.

September 10, 2020: Opening Keynotes

Huawei will also launch new products including Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless earbuds, new notebooks, and more.

September 11-12, 2020: Developer Activities

From September 11 – September 12, Huawei will hold the different developer activities including Tech. sessions to engage with hundreds of industry insiders and leaders, as well as Codelabs for live lessons and help with Huawei specialists on programming.


Check the details of these sessions below.

Tech. Sessions:

  • AppGallery
  • Petal Search
  • Wallet & Member Center
  • Graphics
  • App Services
  • Media
  • System
  • Smart Device
  • AI
  • Huawei Ads
  • Map
  • Privacy & Security
  • AR & VR
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Office
  • Easy Travel
  • Fitness & Health
  • Huawei Assistant


  • Accelerate Kit
  • Huawei Audio Kit
  • CG Kit
  • hQUIC
  • Image Kit
  • AR Engine
  • Scene Kit
  • Account Kit
  • Huawei Ads (Banner Ads)
  • Drive Kit
  • IAP
  • Location Kit
  • ML Kit
  • Nearby Service
  • Panorama Kit
  • Push Kit
  • Safety Detect
  • Scan Kit
  • Site Kit
  • Map Kit
  • HiAi Engine General Text Recognition
  • Entry-Level Theme Development
  • DropPhysicalview Development
  • Watchface Development
  • Remote Configuration
  • Crash
  • APM
  • App Message
  • OneHop Kit

Huawei Mobile Services Core (HMS Core) 5.0 has been recently announced for the global developers and now offers 7 new types of services and more than 10 distribution platforms.

HMS incentive program now covers over 1.6 million developers around the globe and cross-device services reaching across 700 million users.


The new 7 kits of HMS Core 5.0 are part of the keynote but we and most of the consumers are surely waiting for the new update of HarmonyOS and the latest EMUI version EMUI 11. These two new softwares will bring the latest new features and platform support and we can’t wait to check em.

“HUAWEI DEVELOPER CONFERENCE 2020 (Together) shares the latest HMS Core 5.0, the new updates of HarmonyOS and EMUI 11, unveiling more inspiring technologies that facilitate innovative development. Jump on board to explore more Huawei innovations with fellow developers and industry partners” Huawei.

HDC 2020 is not just about the software because this year, Huawei will launch new smart wearables and notebooks too.

The Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (HDC 2020) will be broadcasted online. You can check the live stream links and time details of the keynote, product announcement in the article given below.


How Watch HDC 2020 Live: EMUI 11, HarmonyOS 2.0, HMS Core 5.0, new Wearables, and more

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5.5G is coming, Huawei suggests ten times improvements



On August 3, at the 5G-Advanced Innovation Industry summit, Huawei’s MD and President of ICT Products and Solutions Wang Tao explained six innovative directions for 5.5G, as its arrival is upfront.

The name itself clears that the 5.5G is an advanced version of the 5G network with some extra capabilities over the base network. Huawei claims that 5.5G can improve the real-time interaction experience, enhance cellular IoT capabilities, and explore new scenarios.

According to the info, Wang Tao stated that 5.5G should innovate in six different directions in order to achieve more than 10 times capacity improvements. These six areas of innovations include:

  • Spectrum reconstruction
  • Uplink enhancement
  • Full scenario IoT
  • Synesthesia
  • L4 autonomous driving network
  • Green and low carbon

In order to achieve the 5.5G’s extreme capabilities, the current 5G network needs to be enhanced in a number of ways. The enhancements are required in upstream and downstream rates, high precision positioning, and connection density. Moreover, the requirements also suggest adding new capabilities such as perception.


Xu Wenwei, Huawei’s director and dean of Strategic Research institute said that the 5.5G is the next level over the current 5G network. The advanced network is derived from the 5G and it should support all the 5G devices.

Furthermore, he adds that the 5.5G network should be compatible to support the sub-100GHz full frequency band.

5.5 will provide Gbps downlink at a low latency of 5ms compared to 5G

5.5G is an innovation on which Huawei is continuously working. The Chinese tech giant predicts that the 5.5G will outperform the current 5G network in many aspects. After continuous work over the 5.5G network, Huawei plans to go beyond 5.5G along with its partners between 2025 and 2030. Read more here

Read more:


Huawei ready to bring 5.5G network, will provide Gbps downlink rates at a low latency of 5 ms compared to 5G

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Huawei announced 100 million USD ecosystem development plan for Asia Pacific



Huawei startup support plan

At the Huawei Cloud Spark Summit, the Chinese tech giant announced a 100 million USD startup support plan for the Aisa Pacific region. The company selects four countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, Shri Lanka, and Vietnam to develop the startup hub. Furthermore, this plan target to support about 1,000 startups from these countries.

Catherine Chen, Senior Vice President and Board Member of Huawei informed that Huawei itself a startup with a registered capital of 5,00 dollars. So the company is thinking to help other companies with their experience and jointly developing more innovative products and solutions for the world.

Huawei Cloud History:

Huawei Cloud has been launched in 2017 and now became the world’s fastest-growing cloud service. The Spark program is one part of its strategy to drive various startups. Moving ahead, the company is working with local authorities, commanding incubators, famous VC (Virtual Circuit) firms, and top universities to provide them regional support in the startup.

To date, an estimate of 40 startups has joined the Huawei program. In this line, Huawei also launched the cloud-plus-cloud program to build a high-quality business ecosystem. Furthermore, the new program has a budget of about 40 million USD that will jointly sponsor by the Huawei Cloud and HMS (Huawei Mobile Service).


The company aims to support about 200 startups in 2021 in shared resources with the HMS ecosystem. Adding to this, 100,000 HMS developer innovation centers are also planned to empower the HMS cloud-native developers.

Huawei startup support plan

Huawei Cloud and Spark Program:

  • Huawei Cloud-Plus-Cloud Collaboration: It works to build up to cloud startups across the globe. Besides, the company will put more effort into the ongoing programs covering technological innovation, global and local services, and business ecosystems.
  • Spark Developer Program: This program is part of the Asia Pacific Spark Program aims to empower the cloud developing ecosystem across the Aisa Pacific region.
  • The Spark Pitstop Program: It is designed to support the Huawei Cloud startups and speeds up the development of cloud-based products.
  • Spark Innovation Program: The SIP is focused on bringing new innovations through the Spark startup ecosystem.

At last the Huawei President for Asia Pacific Region- Jeffery Liu speaks about the work of the company and concluded by announcing the Huawei startup support plan with a 100 million USD investment for the coming three years.

 “For the past two decades, we have remained committed to being ‘In Asia Pacific, For Asia Pacific’ Leveraging Huawei’s global customer base and full-stack technologies, the Spark Program will invest more than US$100 million over the next three years.

And provide comprehensive support to the establishment of a sustainable startup ecosystem that creates new value for this dynamic region.” said President Liu

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Huawei improved ranking in Fortune Global 500 List 2021 despite U.S. restrictions



Huawei Fortune 500

Fortune 500 Global List for 2021 is now published, which shows that Huawei has made significant progress despite U.S. sanctions.

However, these worldwide companies show an overall decline of $31.7 trillion with a 4.8% decrease over the past five years. The expertises are blaming the global pandemic for the decline, while most of the previous firms aren’t able to make a place in the top 500 this year.


Fortune Global 500 Top 10:

The worldwide e-shopping platform – Walmart is still on top for the eighth consecutive year and recorded $523,964 million revenue this year. While the Chinese electric firm- State Grid rose to the second position and Amazon directly jumps to the third from ninth place with $383,906 and $280,522 million revenue growth.

Furthermore, the China National Petroleum, Sinopec Group, and Apple are in four, fifth and sixth positions respectively. Besides, Royal Dutch Shell, Saudi Aramco, and BP slipped out of the top 10 and making a place for CVS Health on seventh and UnitedHealth Group in the eighth position followed by Toyota Motor in ninth and Volkswagen in tenth place.


Top Bulletins:

  • Walmart is titled as the world’s largest company for the eighth consecutive year
  • Apple is the most profitable company with a net profit of 57.4 billion USD
  • It was the first time when Tesla and Netflix were listed with the 392nd and 484th position respectively
  • Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook,, Alibaba, and Tencent are the event internet company listed this year
  • Huawei is on the 44th position in the list
  • 19 ICT companies from the US-listed this year
  • Chinese firms including SAIC, Tencent, Alibaba show a significant improvement companion to last year
  • China-based Xiaomi shows the largest improvement and rose by 84 places
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