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Here’s the new WhatsApp settings interface for Android, in testing



new WhatsApp settings interface

WhatsApp is now preparing a brand-new user interface for the app’s settings page, this new look suits better for easy access to features as well as other parts of managing the app. However, it’s currently in beta testing.

According to the information, the home screen now has a user round user avatar on the top right of the action bar. It has replaced the three dots, which were used to access the settings menu. The settings now have become a sort of “profile” section, which you can open to tweak any of the account’s settings.

New WhatsApp settings interface

There are three options that are focused on the top below the user profile picture and name. These are – Profile, Privacy, and Contacts. The refreshed user interface has various aspects of the interactions and provides a simplified UI.

For now, the new settings and user interface changes are visible only to WhatsApp beta testers on Android. However, anyone can participate in this beta activity.

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