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Here’s everything you need to know about Huawei Watch D Blood Pressure smartwatch



Huawei Watch D Everything you need to know

Huawei Watch D is a revolutionary smartwatch that will launch on the 23rd of December and will bring you closer to your health vitals with a unique feature called Blood Pressure measurement. This is the first time when the Chinese tech maker is preparing to step up its efforts to the best of its possibilities in the smart wearable market.

Huawei Watch D is not a regular wearable and its uniqueness must have to be explained in a separate article. The Watch will unveil on December 23, we’re here to connect the dots from what we’ve at the moment.


Huawei Watch D comes with a new design that consists of three parts:

  1. Rectangular display frame with big bezels
  2. Powerful and sturdy strap with adjustable lock
  3. A massive sensor on the rear

Huawei Watch D Render

All side of the watch remains clean but the right side consists of two large physical buttons, first one is for “HOME”, the second one reads “HEALTH”. As the name says, the HOME button could be used as the back or sent to the home screen. On the other hand, the HEALTH button will bring up the health menu.

Huawei Watch D Blood Pressure Renders

Moving on, the watch has a bigger display that is generating sharp color combinations. Therefore, the viewing quality is quite good.


Huawei Watch D comes with a pre-installed HarmonyOS operating system. Except for the blood pressure monitoring system, the rest of the features are likely to remain the same as other smartwatches.

Huawei Watch D Live image

Blood pressure feature:

Huawei Watch D comes with a new blood pressure measurement future that provides you best insights on your health. This feature allows you to measure your blood pressure levels in the following levels:

  1. High
  2. Low
  3. Pulse

The watch is also supported by an ECG feature that will further enhance the power of blood pressure monitoring.

While measuring the blood pressure, you need to stay calm and focused and put your hand on your shoulder, while keeping it there until the watch concludes the testing.


Still, that muscular strap always comes into play when it’s required to bring you to the strongest in quality and sturdy in terms of liability. The strap has a pattern and a lock system that will hold it in place. Still, users will have to put it according to the size of their wrist after taking a measure.

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