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Huawei Watch D blood pressure smartwatch inbox content leaked



Huawei Watch D in box content

The upcoming Huawei Watch D Blood Pressure measurement smartwatch will officially be launched on December 23, 2021. The latest leak on this matter comes with an interesting revealing of the Huawei Watch D inbox content.

Today, a well-known tipster from Weibo has come up with a leak regarding the upcoming Huawei Watch D smartwatch and its inbox content including an adjustable strap to improve the blood pressure measurement.

According to the images, Huawei watch D has a range of accessories including the watch itself, different types of straps, wrist measurement straps, guides for measurement wrist circumference.

Huawei Watch D inbox content

The leaked video of Watch D measures the wrist circumference. The strap could be resized in the following sizes:

  • 9-15 Measures – Large size strap
  • 3-8 Measures – Medium size strap
  • 2-1 Measures – The lowest level

Huawei Watch D inbox content

Following the adjustment, you select the elasticity of the strap that can be adjusted accordingly, and the strap of different sizes to confirm your requirement. While measuring the blood pressure the user needs to be quiet, put a palm on the shoulders, supported by the elbow, while the feet must remain flat.

Huawei Watch D inbox content

Furthermore, the latest information on this matter suggests that Huawei Watch D supports measurement of low and high blood pressure as well as pulses. The tipster also revealed that the Watch features 32 megabytes of RAM + 4Gb o internal storage. The Watch can easily connect with external Bluetooth devices including headphones.

Huawei Watch D inbox content

Additionally, Huawei Watch D has a bright color model that has also appeared on the leaked image. However, more information about the device is yet to come.

(via – ithome)

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