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Here are some hidden Samsung Internet features



Samsung Internet offers user-centric privacy and security features to the browser, giving you a superior browsing experience that never compromises privacy or security. It has placed all efforts to protect the browsing experience still in the hands of any Galaxy users.

But do you know the Samsung Internet Brower has some amazing hidden features that you should be aware of? Surely many of your using the Samsung Internet here you come to know, what hidden features are there in the app?

Samsung Internet hidden features:

Privacy and Security:

One of the major changes in the redesign and expansion of the Samsung Internet Browser’s data protection and security settings.

In the area of data protection and security, you can make various settings to prevent unwanted detections and redirect to inaccessible websites.

After blocking the reverse redirect and pressing the back button, the website operator was forced to use this trick. The new page was not called and actually reached the previously open website. In addition to the features described, you can block pop-ups to prevent automatic downloads.

Site permission:

you can allow or deny permissions to the website, for usual data protection and security settings. To Camera location, and microphone can be disabled with website permissions. The website will then be unable to access these system functions via the below-mentioned steps:

Layout and Menu

In the layout and menu settings, you can select whether to show the address bar up or down, and whether to hide the status bar when you scroll through websites. In addition to the ‘Up’ button on browser viewing and scrolling, you’ll see a button like ‘Down’. You can use the buttons to jump to the beginning or end of the website.

Add-ons feature:

Newly added is an add-on for video subtitles in your browser. To download the add-in, click the three lines in the lower right corner of your browser, then go to the add-ins section.

Useful feature:

A useful feature is that you can turn off automatic video playback and enable the video assistant. Video Assistant enables additional controls when playing videos in your browser.

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