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Here’s our mobile application, you can download the HC Newsroom app that comes with various features and allow you to get the latest news directly on your smartphone. The app is developed to provide you with extensive functionality.

Once downloaded, we request you to rate the app on Play Store (Download link).

HC Newsroom mobile app:

download hc newsroom app

Home Page with Slider:

Check the latest news right on the home screen.

download hc newsroom app

Check Categories:

Sort out news in categories.

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Search the news directly.

Read the news:

Read the news in detail.

For you:

We’re currently working to improve the app and will continue to bring new features. If you have any suggestions for the HC Newsroom app or queries, do forward them to [email protected]

And do mention, your email subject as  – “Suggestion for the app” or “Query about the app”.

We are also looking at your support to get this app installed on most of the devices.

If you cannot download the HC Newsroom app, you can download the app directly via the APK file linked below.