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HarmonyOS Zhixing app now available on Huawei App Store



HarmonyOS Zhixing app Huawei Store

HarmonyOS Zhixing application launched on the Huawei App Store with an exciting range of features. The list includes smart car control functions, details on a car order or purchase, and a dedicated community for users.

According to the information, the HarmonyOS Zhixing app on the Huawei App Store is running on the latest version, and has a package size of 141.05 Megabytes. Besides, the developer’s name reads ‘Huawei Devices Co., Ltd.

In terms of features, the app brings a variety of facilities to your fingertips. Eventually, you can learn about remote control of cars and operate locks, windows, trunks, air conditioners, and more.

The app shows real-time data for your vehicle’s overall condition, lets you schedule online test drive appointments, and check charging points on the map. Users can also opt for selected shopping and other content.

Apart from the mobile application, HarmonyOS Zhixing is also available in the web version. The official site displays Wenjie and Zhijie’s cars-related pages. Tapping on ‘Book Now’ leads you to the respective product page on Huawei Mall.

HarmonyOS Zhixing app Huawei Store

In addition, you will discover four significant smart travel solutions which are as follows:

Intelligent Driving: HUAWEI ADS 2.0 is a tech-pack smart driving system that installs multi-dimensional sensing components. It works on a high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed algorithm to deliver a seamless, safer, and convenient driving experience.

HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit: This solution aims to offer immersive audio-visual entertainment to users. With Xiaoyi Voice assistant, the cockpit understands your commands and carries robust visual functions for a smarter traveling experience.

Intelligent Driving Control: This facility equips a multi-modal merger and Huawei DATS adaptive torque system, and Huawei x Motion intelligent body collaborative control system. It further relies upon AI and efficient software to boost mechanical quality and offer safer driving to users.

Software-defined Cars: The HUAWEI iDVP smart car digital platform uses a regional access and central control architecture It integrates with three self-developed operating systems and vehicle SOA framework. It also combines software and hardware capabilities to form a secure, flexible, reliable, and sustainable platform.

HarmonyOS Zhixing app Huawei Store


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