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HiPaint and Bank of Communications began HarmonyOS native app development



HiPaint HarmonyOS native app development

Two more Chinese companies named HiPaint and Bank of Communications have joined the HarmonyOS native app development batch. With this decision, both firms aim to provide a smarter and more convenient experience to their customers.

HiPaint is a familiar free painting software that packs professional tools and advanced features. It has a user-friendly interface that triggers the hidden artist within you and improves your painting/sketching skills.

Users can access a complete tool library and can create or share animated GIFs with their friends. Enhancing this experience to a greater extent, the HiPaint company announced the HarmonyOS native app development. It shared a post on its official Weibo page, reading:

“We have decided to start developing HarmonyOS natively and make our own painting software for Chinese people!”

HiPaint HarmonyOS native app development

On the other hand, the Bank of Communications has initiated the Huawei HarmonyOS native app development. Vice President Qian Bin said that they are glad to participate in a new ecosystem to fulfill its duty to its customers.

In addition, the financial company cited that it will soon hold a launching ceremony with Huawei to announce the HarmonyOS native application development officially. As per the details, the app will be a personal mobile banking service with credit card details and termed – Pay Bar.

HiPaint HarmonyOS native app development


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