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Alipay announced HarmonyOS native app development



Alipay HarmonyOS native app development

Alipay, the well-known online payment platform is the next Chinese firm to jump in the HarmonyOS native app development pool. The company recently signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei and officially announced the native app development initiation, based on HarmonyOS NEXT.

Also known as a third-party digital wallet, Alipay has more than one billion active users and 80 billion merchants across the globe. Besides, it has a 55.32 percent share of the third-party payment market in China.

It is one of the super-apps and is available as both a mobile application and a web platform. All you have to do is log in with your credentials to use the services.

Alipay HarmonyOS native app development

According to the information, the Alipay initiative in the HarmonyOS native app mirrors the development of a comprehensive ecosystem. HarmonyOS in its new avatar, promises to build a unified surrounding for the Internet of Everything.

On the other hand, Huawei is constantly inviting ideal partners to associate and grab new opportunities for setting up a smarter world for consumers.

While signing the agreement, the President of Alipay Business Group – Ni Xingjun said that the cooperation between both aims to meet the requirements of users and enable them to experience smart life services on different devices and scenarios.


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