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HarmonyOS related jobs reached 1 million, could compare with Apple and Android in a few years



Huawei HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS operating system is continuously creating new opportunities for the developer community and it is revealed that HarmonyOS related jobs have reached 1 million in the current scenario.

The latest statistics are shared by Huang Bo, Director of Operations at Huawei Developer Alliance during his speech on building the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

He said that the demand for jobs related to the HarmonyOS ecosystem and software will reach 1 million by next year. In a few years, Huang believes that the demand for development talents in HarmonyOS will match the developers in the Apple and Android ecosystem. Thereafter, the company is expecting the number to go beyond 10 million.



Launched in 2019, HarmonyOS is a cross-device operating system, designed and developed by Huawei for all of its devices as well as third-party machines and industry terminals.

Initially, the software was only limited to smart TVs and after a year of launch, Huawei unveiled it for smartphones and other smart consumer platforms.

By August, Huawei confirmed 700 million installations for HarmonyOS. Out of this, 60 million only came from HarmonyOS 4 by September 25. HarmonyOS 4 is the latest version of this operating system that is increasing its popularity in China.

Previous information suggests that more than 30 operating systems are currently based on the open-source version of HarmonyOS. These operating systems are designed for various fields including industry terminals, smartphones, tablets, smartphone devices, and more.

Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei said that the HarmonyOS 4.0 upgrade is great. On the other hand, the progress of its open-source version suggests that the company has a lot of support from the open-source community.


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