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8 new devices join HarmonyOS 4 beta recruitment, time to upgrade old Smart TVs



HarmonyOS 4

Huawei has announced recruitment for 8 devices under the HarmonyOS 4 beta. All of these devices belong to the smart TV and smart router categories, therefore, this update will bring them a new experience. Specifically, the list of 8 new HarmonyOS 4 beta recruitment devices includes:

  1. Smart Screen V 75 Pro
  2. Smart Screen V 65 Pro
  3. Smart Screen V 75 3rd Generation
  4. Smart Screen V 65 3rd Generation
  5. Vision Smart Screen Z75 E-Sports Edition
  6. Vision Smart Screen Z65 E-Sports Edition
  7. Huawei Router AX3
  8. Huawei Router AX3 Pro

8 new HarmonyOS 4 beta

How to register

Huawei Smart TV users can register for the new HarmonyOS 4 beta program using the My Huawei app. Open it and then turn toward your homepage, check for a new upgrade, then early adopter beta. Thereafter, select multi-device early adopter (upgrade early adopter), from here select click on the smart screen device to register.

Huawei router device users need to open the Huawei AI Life app on their phone or tablet. Now select the router devices and tap on the menu in the upper right corner. From here, select to upgrade and try it out

New HarmonyOS 4 features:

Once installed, HarmonyOS 4 will bring a number of different features, including computing image quality, smart picture frames, remote housekeeping, and live broadcasting after booting.

The Huawei Smart Screen V5 Pro, which was just released not long ago, has taken the lead in using the HarmonyOS 4 system.
This smart TV can bring features such as photo walls, landscape windows, smart sensing, child care, family connection, and super screen projection. These additions will surely provide a new level of interaction for the consumers.

Among these, the live broadcast feature is quite special and allows users to turn their phone into a large screen. Now, this functionality is accessible to the old smart TVs. The live broadcast content can be played directly after turning on the phone without complicated operations.

After the router is upgraded to HarmonyOS 4, it will be further improved in terms of signal coverage, network speed, gaming experience, and children’s internet access.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.