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HarmonyOS NEXT to bring multi-account login for gamers



HarmonyOS NEXT multi-account login

Huawei has recently confirmed that HarmonyOS NEXT will bring a multi-account login feature. This capability seems effective for gaming lovers as it maintains consistency between various channels and users’ accounts on Huawei smartphones/tablets.

At the HDC 2024 event, the General Manager of Huawei Device Cloud Game Center – Ning Kun cited that HarmonyOS NEXT will feature a new ‘multi-account login’ system.

From the name, the feature will likely enable users to use the same ID for multiple account access. The feature is quite beneficial for gamers as they don’t have to make another ID or switch between accounts before log into their gaming apps.

Users can run the same Huawei ID for the official service experience, on the game channels. Ning mentions that this will automatically transfer the game’s assets and original progress to the new version without any kind of deletion or changes.

HarmonyOS NEXT multi-account login

HarmonyOS NEXT to bring a multi-account login feature for gamers (Image Credits: Weibo)

They also remain compatible with the official account system. The same applies to server players. Official game server players can log into the game directly through the developer’s official account system on the game joining login page, and it will be consistent.

Regarding security, the user’s personal information always remains secure without any risks. It also adheres to other safety tools like anti-addiction. Although only a few games currently support the ‘multi-account login’ capability. For instance:

  • A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality: The Human World
  • The Strongest Ancestor

Ning says that more games are underway to adopt this feature. Those who don’t have a Huawei ID can visit the official Huawei Cloud site and sign up. Fill in the details and enter a secure phone number. Once done, submit the details and hit Register.

HarmonyOS NEXT multi-account login

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