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HarmonyOS NEXT Live Window has a ‘large’ lock screen widget



HarmonyOS NEXT lock screen widget

HarmonyOS NEXT seems full of interesting capabilities and one of them is the “large” lock screen widget. The information reveals that Huawei has enhanced the Live Window feature with the new software version, making it more useful for device users.

The Chinese phone maker explained its developers about the HarmonyOS SDK. Over 350 SDKs joined the HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation batch and more are on the way.

Out of these SDKs, the Live Window kit shows a new display format called “immersive state” for Huawei devices. In simple words, HarmonyOS NEXT will likely bring a ‘large’ lock screen widget for a glance at the app’s real-time operations.

HarmonyOS NEXT lock screen widget

HarmonyOS NEXT Live View Kit for developers (Image Credits: ITHome)

Huawei introduced the Live Window feature with HarmonyOS 4.0. It is capable of showing an application’s details and other ongoing tasks in real time.

Live Window already supports lock screen widgets, AOD capability, status bar expansion, capsule form, notification center top, and clamshell’s cover display. But with HarmonyOS NEXT, it will show a large widget for certain services on the lock screen.

HarmonyOS NEXT lock screen widget

HarmonyOS 4.0 live window feature (Image Credits: Huawei)

The services list currently supports taxi-hailing routes, instant deliveries, flights, high-speed trains, a countdown to the sale, match scores, as well as shared rental tasks.

Huawei illustrated the new addition via a shared bicycle riding feature. When enabled, the feature displays the routes, timings, price, and relevant details on the lock screen in a large widget. It also has a few controls like the in-app ‘return the bike’ tab.

Perhaps the closed beta or the stable HarmonyOS NEXT beta for users will bring the feature into action. By that time, we may find some more interesting changes on board.

HarmonyOS NEXT large lock screen widget feature (Image Credits: ITHome)

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