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HarmonyOS NEXT and HarmonyOS PC to shape a new direction for Huawei



HarmonyOS Next

This year, Huawei could unveil two new software for its smart device ecosystem – HarmonyOS NEXT and HarmonyOS for PC. Both of these will provide a new direction for Huawei’s upcoming products.

HarmonyOS NEXT is considered a pure HarmonyOS operating system. The company first released this OS during its Developer Conference last year. Since then it has been under developer beta test and there are only a few things that we know about its features.

One of the early findings about the HarmonyOS NEXT reveals that it only runs HarmonyOS apps. In other words, it will only be the HarmonyOS exclusive software compared to the current version which also supports Android apps.

For the past three months, Huawei has joined hands with Chinese software companies. These are agreed to develop native HarmonyOS applications and some of them are recruiting developers for HarmonyOS programming.

HarmonyOS NEXT would introduce improved performance and fluency for a better user experience.

HarmonyOS for PC:

The next major milestone for HarmonyOS will bring platform expansion. In that case, the company is likely to add personal computers to the existing range of support devices.

HarmonyOS currently supports smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, smart car systems, electronic devices, and other IoT devices from third-party manufacturers.

Reports from the past suggest that Huawei is working on a HarmonyOS version for PCs. However, the specifics of its features and user interface are still unknown.

Huawei is currently using Microsoft’s Windows operating system for its notebooks and PC devices. However, this speculated unveiling will make a major shift in its software ecosystem.

Release date:

If not planned to be released with the Huawei P70 series, HarmonyOS NEXT may be showcased at the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2024 in the second half of this year.

With that being said, HarmonyOS for PC would also tag along at the conference if not delayed any further.

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