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HarmonyOS Native apps could increase 20%-30% smoothness and speed fast as iOS



  • HarmonyOS native apps could increase 20% to 30% smoothness
  • New apps may improve fluency similar to iOS
  • Native HarmonyOS framework to be better than Android

Huawei has announced the plans of launching a native HarmonyOS version and the Chinese software industry is quite interested in building the app ecosystem.

Meanwhile, there’s a report, that HarmonyOS native mobile applications will increase the speed and allow users to have a smoother experience. Some developers revealed that the Huawei native applications would be comparable to iOS and significantly improved as compared to Android.

It’s expected that the HarmonyOS app brings a fast frame rendering and the company is working on fluency, low power consumption, and better multi-device collaboration for all of the native applications.

If HarmonyOS native app ecosystem development goes according to the plan, the fluency of the apps could improve up to 20% to 30%.

This is a major note on the upcoming HarmonyOS software ecosystem. Both Android and iOS are two of the largest app ecosystems and mobile software systems in the world.

Data from Counterpoint Research revealed that Android has 81% of the overall global smartphone sales share by the operating system and 72% in China in Q2 2023.

Apple’s iOS reigns at 17% in the global market and China. Meanwhile, HarmonyOS has increased to 2% in the global market for the above-mentioned quarter but 10% in China.

HarmonyOS native apps smoothness

(Image Source – HC Newsroom)

HarmonyOS NEXT:

At HDC 2023, Huawei released HarmonyOS NEXT, its new native app-powered HarmonyOS software version. The company has brought this new software in order to provide a better user experience for smartphones and all of its device ecosystem.

It’s also revealed that HarmonyOS NEXT won’t be compatible with Android applications anymore. However, removing Android support is not the primary goal here. The company is looking to root all of the developers into one umbrella and provide better solutions to build high-quality apps. The first developer beta of HarmonyOS NEXT will be available in the first half of next year.

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