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HarmonyOS 4 is 20% faster and brings 30 minutes more battery life than HarmonyOS 3



HarmonyOS 4 20% faster than HarmonyOS 3

HarmonyOS 4 comes with a lot of new improvements over its predecessor and it’s also 20% faster than HarmonyOS 3 version. The latest performance change in HarmonyOS is made by the Huawei Ark engine. It is a combination of six major engines of graphics, multimedia, memory, scheduling, storage, and low power consumption.

It can bring a smooth user experience on various devices and the new performance makes HarmonyOS 4 20% faster. The battery life is increased by 30 minutes and ensures optimum performance for all of the users. On the flip side, the speed of opening the camera application has become 57% efficient.

HarmonyOS 4 also has a new graphics engine, which smartly manages the power consumption on each pixel rendered on the screen. Thus, consuming only the required amount of battery capacity and contributing to less power draining.

HarmonyOS 4 20% faster than HarmonyOS 3

Project Ark:

In April 2019, Huawei officially launched the Ark compiler developed in 10 years. The Ark compiler is the first static compiler to completely replace the language virtual machine.

It does not require an interpreter at all. It can balance the efficiency of Java development and the efficiency of C language operation, and bring about a significant improvement in system performance.

Huawei emphasized that the goal of the Ark project is to build a MapleIR-based cross-language programming environment to achieve cross-language global analysis and optimization.

The Ark engine (MapleEngine) is an important part of the Ark programming system. It aims to build a full stack of software development, including programming languages, multilingual front-ends, compilers, execution engines, and a series of toolchains.

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