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HarmonyOS NEXT announced as developer only software



HarmonyOS Next

Today, Huawei launched the HarmonyOS NEXT operating system for developers-only domains. The developer preview version of HarmonyOS NEXT for cooperative enterprise developers is now available. It will be available for all of the developers in the first quarter of 2024.

“Since the release of HarmonyOS, we have been constantly seeking innovation: from flexible architectures that can be large or small, to Super Devices based on distributed technology. A technological breakthrough is only to achieve a better user experience.” said Huawei.

HarmonyOS NEXT launch date

The HarmonyOS NEXT Developer Preview version will be equipped with our latest base technology, open capabilities, and development kits. Huawei expects that it can build a bridge to connect with developers and work together to build a prosperous HarmonyOS ecosystem.

Huawei said that HarmonyOS continues to develop software root technology. The HarmonyOS kernel is inherently smooth, extremely energy-efficient, pure, and safe. The Huawei Ark graphics engine brings a high-end, exquisite, and smooth graphics experience, creating a solid Harmony Ecosystem base.

The HarmonyOS NEXT Developer Preview version is currently being released for the first batch of cooperative enterprise developers. Currently, Huawei only released a tiny bit of details in public regarding HarmonyOS NEXT and there’s more to know.

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