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HarmonyOS 3.1 Beta 2 rolling out



HarmonyOS 3.1 Beta 2

Recently Huawei announced the rollout of HarmonyOS 3.1 beta 2, which brings several new features for the testers. This is also significant progress made in the release of this update for old devices.

The HarmonyOS 3.1 Beta 2 adds ArkUI declarative 2D/3D drawing capabilities based on Beta 1. The upgrade also improves layout, component, and app state management capabilities. Huawei has confirmed that more API 9 capabilities will launch with the final rollout of HarmonyOS 3.1.

Below you can check all of the HarmonyOS 3.1 Beta 2 features.

HarmonyOS 3.1 Beta 2

ArkUI has added support for custom fonts, text measurement, multi-level menus, and scroll callbacks. The Image supports default drag and drop and tabs capabilities have been enhanced. The media has added capabilities such as multi-application audio focus management, audio playback and recording event monitoring, and audio device information query.

The web has added capabilities such as page scrolling, page status, and custom protocol interception. The window has added support for a wide color gamut, new window types, and new support for digging screens.

The public basic class library has added support for the task pool (task pool) feature, which can schedule and execute concurrent tasks. It adds moveFile and FileLock interface capabilities for file management. The version support cross-application URI temporary authorization and opening. Furthermore, you can find file picker interface capabilities.

The new meta-capability provides uri tools for adding, deleting, modifying, and obtaining the id of the uri. The application starts the pop-up box and returns the result. Meanwhile, it supports the application to pull up the Ability through startAbilityByCall to provide data interaction capabilities.

HarmonyOS 3.1 Beta 2 gets you the application to obtain through the context of Self-process information. The application terminates its own process through context.

Resource management has added the ability to set static wallpapers. Added module for distributed data management, which supports relational data management to set the security level of database files.

This also standardizes interface exception handling. It adds module standardizes distributed KV database interface exception handling, and adds interfaces Error code description.

Accessibility service adds extension API, which allows the development of accessibility extension services based on AccessibilityExtension. The security basic capability has added DH and HKDF algorithm key management capabilities and added key certification capabilities. The power service updates the attribute keyword name of the battery broadcast and increases the battery capacity level.

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