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HarmonyOS 3.1 animations will compete with iOS



HarmonyOS 3.1 Animations

Huawei preparing to rollout HarmonyOS 3.1 for old devices and the company has released Beta 2 for the testers. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that the animations of HarmonyOS 3.1 will be comparable with Apple’s iOS.

According to the information coming from a tipster, Huawei is currently using API 8 in the active Beta rollout. However, the stable version is likely to utilize the API 9 branch.

It is noted that the new HarmonyOS will enhance the fluency of the 120Hz refresh rate and take it to the next level. The tipster said that HarmonyOS 3.1 animations are comparable to iOS, which will improve the user experience.

When it comes to mobile user interface optimizations, iOS scores full marks for animation effects. This makes the user experience smoother than on Android smartphones.

The latest additions are quite interesting but the company is still working on something things to make this version official. Therefore, the current release of HarmonyOS 3.1 Beta 2 made a major leap in development phase.

HarmonyOS 3.1 Animations iOS

HarmonyOS 3:

Launched in 2022, HarmonyOS 3 comes as a big change in the user interface as compared to its predecessor. The company has introduced several new features for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other platforms.

Animation is one of those changes that reflect right into its capabilities. Details suggest that Huawei has worked especially on some key HarmonyOS 3.

Also, transitions between different UI elements are visibly optimized than before. Furthermore, the on-screen interactions have increased responsiveness.

Looking at its changelog, HarmonyOS 3.1 beta 2 adds support for custom fonts, text measurement, multi-level menus, and scroll callbacks. The media section also receives new capabilities such as multi-app audio focus management, audio playback, and recording event monitoring and audio devices.

Rollout Date:

Huawei P60 series is the first smartphone lineup to pre-pack HarmonyOS 3.1. According to the development roadmap, Huawei will release HarmonyOS 3.1 for old devices and a roadmap is yet to come.

Still, there’s a lot to come to know about this brand-new HarmonyOS software and we’ll keep you posted with all of the details.

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