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Battery health notification affects 100 Huawei HarmonyOS devices



Huawei has recently addressed a battery health notification issue in over 100 HarmonyOS smartphones and tablets. This could be annoying but at the same time, it may possibly be helpful.

These types of notifications show important information about the battery condition and allow you to take subsequent action. However, it may also be due to a possible defect.

What’s the issue

Huawei smartphones are showing this issue in cases of the usage of the battery increases. In that case, the battery will have a decline in capacity and aging.

This may lead to a decline in battery health as well as capacity. To provide a better user experience, the latest HarmonyOS software version comes with a battery health monitoring feature. When the system detects an issue in the phone’s battery health, the phone pop-ups the message in the notification panel area.

Battery Health 100 Huawei HarmonyOS

What to do

According to Huawei, if you have a smartphone with an age of fewer than two years, then the battery life is not significantly decreased or declined. In that case, you can swipe left and tap on the trash icon to delete the notification.

As the usage time of the battery increases, the capacity of the battery will decay and age. This will lead to a decline in the health of the battery.

If your experience is affected, it is recommended that you back up important data and carry your purchase receipt to Huawei’s official customer service center.

Battery Health notification clear

Important Information

This feature is only to detect and lead your attention toward the aging of the battery. Under normal circumstances, the battery may not be in critical condition. To protect your phone and get a better user experience, it is suggested that you get visit to your nearest service center and get a phone checkup.

HarmonyOS phones that will receive a new Battery Health Popup Notification fix

Below you can check all of the 100 Huawei models that will receive new HarmonyOS updates with a new option to close the battery health notification. These models and their HarmonyOS versions are scheduled as the following.

  1. May 2023: HarmonyOS 2
  2. May 2023: HarmonyOS 3
  3. June 2023 HarmonyOS 3

May 2023 – HarmonyOS 2

These phones will receive a new push next month over HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system. This will upgrade the latest version of the phone manager app, which later be downloaded from AppGallery and the notification could then be closed.

Huawei Nova series:

  • Nova youth edition, Nova 3e, nova2, nova2 Plus, Nova 8i

Huawei Enjoy series:

  • Y5 2019, Enjoy MAX, Enjoy 10, Enjoy 8e, Enjoy 9, Enjoy 8e Youth Edition, Enjoy 7S, Enjoy 8plus, Enjoy 8, Y7p, Enjoy 9e, Enjoy 10e, Y7a, Enjoy 20SE, Enjoy 7, Enjoy 7Plus

Huawei Maimang series:

  • Maimang 6, Maimang 7

Honor Series:

  • Honor Play3e, Honor V9play, Honor 8X_Max, Honor Play 7A, Honor Play 8C, Honor Play 7X, Honor Play 6A, Honor10X Lite, Honor Play 7, Y8s, Honor Play 8A, Honor8S, Honor Honor Play 8, Honor Play 7C, Honor Play 6, Honor Play 9A, Honor Play 10C, Honor 9 Youth Edition, Honor 9i, Honor 8 Youth Edition

May 2023 – HarmonyOS 3:

This version will receive a new software build in May 2023, which will upgrade over to the new version of HarmonyOS 3.0.

Huawei Mate series:

  • Mate 30E Pro 5G, Mate 40E 4G

Huawei nova series:

  • Nova6, nova8, nova 8Pro, nova 10SE, nova Y90, Nova 7 5G, Nova 7Pro 5G, nova 9 SE

Huawei Enjoy Series:

  • Enjoy 50 Pro

Honor Series:

  • Honor 30, Honor 30Pro+, Honor 30Pro, Honor Play4Pro, Honor V30PRO, Honor V30

June 2023 HarmonyOS 3

These models will get a new version in the month of June and smartphones will get the latest version of HarmonyOS 3 and the latest version of the phone manager app.

Huawei Mate series:

  • Mate 10, Mate 10Pro, Mate RS, Mate20X, Mate X, Mate 20, Mate 20pro

Huawei P series:

  • P20, P20 Pro, P30, P30Pro

Huawei nova series:

  • Nova 4, nova 4e, nova 5, nova 5i, nova 5i Pro, nova 5Pro, nova 5T, nova 5z, nova 6SE, nova 7SE, nova 7i, nova 8SE, nova Y60, nova Y70

Huawei Maimang series:

  • Maimang 8, Maimang 9

Huawei Enjoy Series:

  • Enjoy Z, Enjoy 9S, Enjoy 10S, Enjoy 10Plus, Enjoy 20, Enjoy 20Pro, Enjoy 20Plus, Y9a, Y9 Prime 2019

Honor series:

  • Y8p, P smart S, Honor 8X, Honor 9X, Honor 9X Lite, Honor 9X Pro, Honor X10, Honor 10i, Honor X10 Max, Honor 10 Youth Edition, Honor 20 Youth Edition, Honor 30 Youth Edition, Honor 10, Honor V10 , Honor 20i, Honor 20Pro, Honor 20S, Honor V20, Honor 30S, Honor Magic2, Honor Play3, Honor Play4, Honor Play4T, Honor Play4T Pro,

What about other models?

It’s acknowledged that models that aren’t part of this rollout program may have to wait for the next software push and get the problem fixed on the spot.


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