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HarmonyOS rolling out for these phones [List]



Huawei harmonyos

Last week, Huawei announced HarmonyOS 3 closed beta for several Honor devices that were launched before its partition with Honor. Now, the company is rolling out the first beta build HarmonyOS for the beta models.

According to the information, the HarmonyOS comes with a full fledge changelog along with a big OTA package. It has a lot of features for the system and changes in the user interface. Check all HarmonyOS 3 features here.

The models eligible to download this beta software are:

  • Honor 30 (BMH-AN10)
  • Honor 30 (BMH-AN20)
  • Honor 30 (BMH-TN10)
  • Honor 30 Pro (EBG-AN00)
  • Honor 30 Pro (EBG-TN00)
  • Honor 30 Pro+ (EBG-AN10)
  • Honor V30 (OXF-AN00)
  • Honor V30 PRO (OXF-AN10)
  • Honor Play4 Pro (OXP-AN00)

These users must have to download firmware in order to grab the HarmonyOS version beta.

HarmonyOS beta models

Below you can check the update notes.

  1. This download requires a version upgrade, please get the latest first otherwise, you won’t receive new firmware.
  2. You can also opt-in to subscribe software improvement program, in order to provide feedback to improve the HarmonyOS 3 beta.
  3. This update won’t delete your data but it’s suggested that you back up important files to prevent any data loss.
  4. The latest software may cause incompatibility issues with some third-party applications, it’s suggested for you update the existing smartphone apps to the latest version via AppGallery.
  5. After the upgrade, your phone may generate heat, lag, or slow charging. However, this is temporary and caused by the system’s self-optimization and adaptation after the upgrade procedure. Please rest assured that it will recover by itself after a period of time. It is recommended that you charge for 1 hour in your spare time. During the charging period, the system will optimize once to ensure that the mobile phone application is quickly adapted.
  6. This OTA package requires at least 8GB of data on your phone’s internal storage. After installation, the update package will be delete automatically.

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