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These 13 devices enters HarmonyOS 3 beta [List]



HarmonyOS 3 13 devices

Huawei is rapidly test HarmonyOS 3 beta for old devices and the caravan now reached 13 smartphones and a tablet. The latest beta activity will allow the users to download the latest HarmonyOS version ahead of public release.

Similar to the past beta campaigns, Huawei announced this recruitment for only a certain set of phone users including the phones running HarmonyOS 2 operating system.

Below you can check the 13 devices that could sign up for HarmonyOS 3 beta activity.

  1. Huawei Nova 8 SE (JSC-AN00)
  2. Huawei Nova 8 SE (JSC-AL50)
  3. Huawei Nova 8 SE Vitality Edition (CHL-AL60)
  4. Huawei Nova 7 SE (CDY-AN00)
  5. Huawei Nova 7 SE (CDY-TN00)
  6. Huawei Nova 7 SE (CDY-AN20)
  7. Huawei Nova 7 SE (CDY-TN20)
  8. Huawei Nova 7 SE Vitality Edition (CND-AN00)
  9. Huawei Nova 7 SE Lohas Edition (CDL-AN50)
  10. Huawei Enjoy 50 (MGA-AN50)
  11. Huawei MatePad 10.4 2022 BAH4-AL00
  12. Huawei MatePad 10.4 2022 BAH4-W39
  13. Huawei MatePad 10.4 2022 BAH4-W09

13 devices HarmonyOS 3

After a successful adaption, these phone users will be able to download a new beta build. In terms of the numbers, Huawei Nova 8 SE, Nova 7SE, and MatePad 10.4 2022 devices could register 500 for logs and 1500 nolog slots. The registration opened for a limited time and will move forward with the deadline.

HarmonyOS 3 comes with new features such as service widgets group and stacking, there are new improvements for the system performance and there are various other optimizations for a better user experience.

If you encounter issues during the Beta early adopters, please use the following ways to give feedback: Users of the nolog version use the “Feedback Assistant” app to give feedback. For details, please use to Feedback Assistant APP User Guide.

For successful participation, make sure your phone or tablet is not rooted. Please make sure that the device has logged in to the Huawei ID in advance. You will need a Huawei ID to register for the beta activity.  This version requires you to download the latest HarmonyOS version.

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