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Google requires Android 12 phones to use new color theme system



Google Android 12 color theme

Android 12 comes with numerous fantastic features but the new dynamic color theme feature powered by Material You is the one that made a buzz among consumers. Although, the color theme design was initially introduced for the Pixel phones but now, Google reportedly planning to make Android 12 phone makers use a new color theme system on the corresponding devices.

AndroidPolice reports that new Android 12 phones seeking Google Mobile Services (GMS) certificate approval must have implemented a dynamic color theming engine that must tick certain criteria of requirements defined by Google. According to the report, this new guideline will be applied in action starting March 14, 2022.

There are some key points that are mentioned in the report that are must be matched by the phone maker.

  • The Dynamic color theme engine must be able to generate five palettes
  • These color palettes must generate 3 accent and 2 neutral colors

This guideline will ensure the Android 12 users implement a Pixel-like user experience.

Google Android 12 color theme

Material You:

As mentioned above, the Dynamic color theme system is all about the Google Material You design, and the entire power of this design comes from the “Monet” engine. The availability of this engine remained closed source until Pixel 6 but Google made it open source with Android 12L.

This opens gates for other smartphone makers to copy and modify the entire Material You design and use it in their own way for GMS devices.


Currently, there aren’t enough phone makers that are using the Material You design library but Samsung has already implemented such a feature for its Android 12 device called – Colour palette and it ships with One UI 4.0.

However, it’s suggested that this feature is not based on the Monet engine, still, the logic remains the same.

In my opinion, the new dynamic color theme on Android 12 is a must-try feature and enhances the overall look and feel of the entire user interface. If not the same, every phone maker should consider using a similar feature.

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