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Google Play system updates fail to respond on some Android phones



Google Play System Updates

Google brings on new updates for its application and services so that it can provide the best experience to its users. Recently, the company released the August 2022 improvements patch for the Google Play system updates. However, it looks like, the latest patch doesn’t work in favor of the application.

As reported by some Android users, Google Play system updates fail to respond appropriately. These users mainly hold Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, and Nokia devices. So far, Google Play updates help in viewing the details of the current version and hunting for the new updates. However, things are not running on the right track for a few days.

As of now, the Check for update option from Google Play updates has vanished for some unknown reasons. The page no longer exists on the Google Play updates. Besides, while using the application, it does not provide any new information.

Instead, the app has started showing some different and irrelevant tabs while launching it for some activity. Till now, the issue was only taking place for a handful of users, but now it has started stretching its legs for other Android devices as well.

Google Play System Updates

Why is this happening? Well, there could be two possible aspects of such behavior on the Google Play system. Either, the company has imposed some new tugs and let the update page open only when there is some new update. Or this could be a bug that came along with the new August 2022 firmware.

Speaking of other devices, Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 Pro running on the Android 13 system still have the ‘Check for update’ tab. Hence, we can assume that this is a bug affecting the Android 12 devices. If it is a defect then there are chances that Google will mend it soon. However, how long users have to face this scenario is still a big question.

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