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Google Play Store 31.9.20 fixes Android CHECK FOR UPDATES bug



Google Play Store 31.9.20

Google has started pushing Play Store 31.9.20 version for Android phones and this update an brings important fix for the “check for updates” page bug that appeared after the August 2022 Play System updates.

Every month, Google releases Play System updates that bring a number of new improvements, optimizations as well as bug fixes for Android devices. These also include improvements for core Android functionalities related to Google Play Store and Play System Services.

Recently, a well-known Android enthusiast Mishal Rehman found issues that emerged after the August 2022 Play System updates. He specifically mentioned that the device failed to respond to the play system check for updates feature, which has been completely numbed afterward.

He manually ran that page and crashed right after the launch, as the option from the menu won’t respond to your tap.

However, with a recent Google Play Store build – 31.9.20, the Android maker has addressed and removed this bug and brought back the check for updates feature to its actual behavior.

As you can see in the tweet below, the feature is working fine without any previous crashes or unidentified launch activity.

Google Play Store check for updates


This was quite a bug that has been resolved as the problem doesn’t remain limited to the stock Android users and expanded further with the likes of Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and other Android phone makers.

If you have an Android device, then we suggest you check for the latest Play Store version or download it directly from here (Google Play Store 31.9.20).

If you want to check for the Play System updates, then head towards the settings menu and then search for “Google Play system update” tap on that and proceed with the on screen instructions. Such issues occur during the software upgrade process and consumer feedback is essential to resolve them before they affect the device’s performance.

Google Play Store 31.9.20

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