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Google Play system update adds Android 13 Play Protect information



Google Play Protect Android 13

Google has already rolled out the September 2022 Play System Update for Android devices. But it looks like, the company has saved some features at that time to reveal later this month. In the latest edition, the Google Play system update adds support for the Play Protect information to the Android 13 interface.

The company began the September 2022 update with improvements for the Google Kids Space. Thereafter, the US manufacturer introduced some new and reflective features for the Wear OS with unique alerts for compromised passwords.

Now, once again, Google has entered into the Play System to make it more reliable and convenient. But this time, the change initiates from the latest interface – Android 13.

According to the official Google reports, phones running on the Android 13 operating system will display Play Protect information. Users will be able to access this feature in the Settings menu > Security and Privacy Settings section.

How is this feature useful? Consequently, Play Protect will inspect the behavior of the application on the device. Besides, it will inform you about the basic details of the app before you install them from the Google Play Store. Hence, you will be able to detect whether the particular app is suitable or harmful for your gadget.

Google Play Protect Android 13

Track the app installation activity

Apart from this change to Android 13, Google has also implemented some finer techniques that let you trace the app installation process. This function also falls in the Play Protect category. Ultimately, the company has expanded the details displayed on the Play Store listings.

These details might be regarding app permissions, changing policies, and so on. Aside, you will be able to check the installation status of the app on your other devices with the help of your smartphone.

Currently, the latest versions of the Play System and Play Store (v32.4) do not exhibit any new progress. Perhaps, the company might be testing these features on its server, and could soon bring them to the real surface. But, the good news is that the app downloading will become quite more productive and convenient for Android users with the new Play System update.

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