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Google Play Store has a new space for Watch, TV and Car applications



Google Play Store applications

Yes! Absolutely right. Google Play Store has added a new space to its surface for non-smartphone applications. By the term ‘non-smartphone’ we mean that now, there will be a separate section for the apps related to your smart screen, cars, and smartwatches.

Google often tries to modify its Play Store applications and services in such a manner that users can benefit from them at the utmost level. In the latest developments, Google has introduced a new section called ‘Other Devices’ on the Play Store.

Just like a house, where you have separate rooms to arrange the related stuff as per your convenience, Google has also organized numerous applications on the Play Store in particular columns so that users can comfortably opt for their respective apps.

Google Play Store applications

Other Devices – with three new tabs

The Other Devices section resides under the search bar with other categories; For instance, For you, Top Charts, Kids, and more. Further, this section contains three more tabs for Smartwatch, TV, and Car.

The Watch section has Watch apps. Whereas, the TV tab comprises nine carousels consisting of the latest news, free movies and TV, exercises, and music. It also has games just for TV with a carousel design. Meanwhile, the Car tab exhibits ‘Stream your favorites’ and ‘Stay Informed’ for Android-based automation.

The company has begun to roll out this new feature with the latest update of the Play Store. But, it is moving in batches and might take a few days to land on your device’s surface. So, don’t worry if you can’t find this option on your phone, at this moment.

Speaking of the Other Devices section, this isn’t a unique function in Google ground. However, it will act as a one-stop place for all non-smartphone applications. This is a way to make your mobile version Play Store a more convenient and comfortable app.

Google Play Store applications


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