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Google Message expanding auto-grouping categories feature



Google Message auto-grouping categories

Google Message serves the common messaging app features like sending and receiving text, photos, voice messages, and video. Now, Google has begun expanding the Message auto-grouping categories feature to more markets across the globe.

In 2021, Google Messages release the auto-grouping categories feature in India that helps you in categorizing your text into categories and this auto-group facility is now coming in all over the world.


This feature categorizes your messages based on the content of the message and sender details saved on your phone. Once it is enabled on your phone, you’ll be able to easily view messages by category.

Below the search bar, you can see three different types of categories named All, Personal, and Business. Among the Personal and Business have icons. Moreover, the users can also customize the primary category view and auto-delete OTPs after 24 hours by visiting settings.

Google Message auto-grouping categories

You can also add any person by direct adding their number to the conversation list. One can add a new contact from group discussion, and message him or her personally. But, there is no category mentioned for a one-time password yet in Google Messages.

In India, people have huge families and big circles of friends. Indian users received and send so many messages and texts, so it can be tough to isolate the important and less important in the message box. So, Google helped them by bringing this auto-grouping feature to categorize their texts.

Google Messages:

The message is an instant messaging app by Google. It provides SMS, MMS, and RCS-type messages for Android. You can send texts to anyone from mobile with the dependability of texting and richness of chat. With the instructions given downward, you can message anybody from your contact.

Open your Messages application > Tap start chat > Enter name, number, or email of the person whom you want to chat > Now type your text and tap send.

(Via- 9to5Google)

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