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Google Android suspension impact: Huawei will not become the world’s top smartphone brand



Google may just have ruined Huawei’s attempt to become the world’s top smartphone brand. Google is restricting Huawei’s access to its Android OS and apps after the US government blacklisted the Chinese company.

Google’s Android suspension impact will be a huge blow to the Huawei. It will stop Huawei to become the top performer in the smartphones market globally. The Chinese tech company was planning to become the top smartphone brand by the end of 2020.

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The current world’s No. 2 smartphone manufacturer relies on a set of Google services for its devices, including the Android OS, Google Play app store, and more.

Many users outside of China will not get Google’s apps and services. It just simply killed the attractiveness of a Huawei phone. Without the Google play store access, the Huawei phone is a brick for most of the users.

Either way, it will harm the Chinese company, at least outside China. It’s because the consumer business was the biggest contributor to Huawei’s 2018 earnings. The division made nearly 349 billion yuan ($50 billion) last year, accounting for more than 45% of revenue.