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Google delays Android 11 beta to June, releases DP4



Android 11

We’re in May 2020 and Android devices users have been waiting to test the first beta build of Android 11. However, Google has just shifted its plans to start the beta testing, which will now be released on June 3.

“We’ve decided to add a bit of extra time in the Android 11 release schedule. We’re moving out Beta 1 and all subsequent milestones by about a month, which gives everyone a bit more room but keeps us on track for final release later in Q3.” wrote Google.

Since Google has rescheduled the beta launch, the company now started to send the fourth developer preview of Android 11.

The fourth developer preview includes the following fixes:

  • The location services icon no longer shows in the status bar while location services are not in use.
  • Icons in the status bar no longer run over the edge on certain devices.

Android 11 Timeline, milestones, and updates:

Android 11 New Timeline

Android 11 New timeline

The Android 11 Developer Preview program runs from February 2020 until the final public release to Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and OEMs, planned for Q3 2020.

February: Developer Preview 1 – Early baseline build focused on developer feedback, with new features, APIs, and behavior changes.

March: Developer Preview 2 – Incremental update with additional features, APIs, and behavior changes.

April: Developer Preview 3 – Incremental update for stability and performance.

May: Developer Preview 4 –  Incremental update for stability and performance.

June: Beta 1 – Initial beta-quality release, over-the-air update to early adopters who enroll in Android Beta.

July: Beta 2 – Platform Stability milestone. Final APIs and behaviors. Play publishing opens.

August: Beta 3 – Release candidate build.

Q3: Final release – Android 11 release to AOSP and ecosystem.

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