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Former Huawei mobile software specialist launches new operating system based on HarmonyOS



During the 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit, Former Huawei consumer business group software specialist – Wang Chengdu confirmed that he will assist in the launch of a new operating system based on HarmonyOS.

According to the information, Mr. Chenglu, CEO of Shenzhen Kaihong has made the latest remarks after releasing the (1+1) x N strategy at the summit.

Wang Chenglu has been one of the most famous names in Huawei and his achievement inside the Chinese tech giant as well as his contribution remain underlying. Back in May, the software specialist decide to move on from Huawei and joined another Chinese firm. He made the recent first appearance since his departure from Huawei.

Chenglu revealed that his company will be based on the open source project of HarmonyOSOpenHarmony. And it will bring new cross-device-supported solutions based on the smart operating system standards. The upcoming operating system will also be powered by various services and terminal-powered capabilities.

In 2020, Chinasoft International and six other co-construction units will establish the OpenHarmony Working Committee under the organization of the Open Atom Open Foundation, and will deeply participate in the joint construction of the OpenHarmony open source community.

Chinasoft International focuses on the development of the intelligent Internet of Things at the core of the Internet of Things and established Shenzhen Kaihong.

huawei specialist operating system harmonyos


Focusing on the R&D and innovation of the open-source operating system based on OpenHarmony, Shenzhen Kaihong officially released the “(1+1) × N” strategy, where 1 is a digital base – KaihongOS, 1 cross-device management platform, and N stands for industry applications scenarios.

KaihongOS will inherit and carry forward the technical advantages of OpenHarmony including unified format, ad hoc network, safe and reliable, stable connection, flexible combination, flexible deployment, and more.

The cross-device management platform realizes open access, visibility, management, and control of all things through the twinning of the real world and the digital world.

Next, Shenzhen Kaihong will adapt to various scenarios based on OpenHarmony, and develop KaihongOS industry distribution. These efforts will help the company to build the most basic operating system and management platform.

(source – Sina Tech)

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