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Final decision on Huawei’s 5G participation in the UK coming by Autumn



The UK will make a decision on Huawei, whether to allow the telecom giant to build 5G networks, said UK’s Digital Minister Nicky Morgan.

“We will make the right decision for the UK. I would hope we could do something by the autumn,” Morgan told BBC radio, referring to the season that runs in Britain from mid-September to December.

“We’ve got to make sure that this is going to be a decision for the long term, making sure that we keep all our networks secure.”

Earlier this year, Ex-Prime Minister, Theresa May has allowed Huawei to take part in non-core parts of the 5G infrastructure development but still not taken the final call on this matter.

Later on, the US President Donald Trump urging the UK to close its grounds for Huawei and ban its work in progress, which is currently under consideration by the PM Boris Johnson.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Mobile carriers have already launched 5G network services using Huawei’s equipment gears because the split decision on Huawei was creating difficulties for their businesses.

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