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EMUI 9.1 feature: How to use Huawei’s Digital Car Key feature



The EMUI 9.1 comes with many useful features – and one of them is Digital Car Key feature. Let’s find out more.

Just a while ago, Huawei released the new flagship Huawei P30 series with pre-installed EMUI 9.1 OS. In addition to the impressive redefinition of the photo rules, it also turned into a Car Key, a function that allows drivers of certain Audi vehicles, including the new E-Tron electric crossover, to leave their traditional keys at home.

What is EMUI 9.1? List of new features, and compatible devices

This time, Huawei and Audi reached cooperation, without the need for a physical car key, with a mobile phone to complete a series of actions to drive the lock, start the engine, lock the car, share the car key.

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Your Phone can still be used as your car key within 24 hours of powering off due to low battery. Digital key data is stored in your device’s security chip and cannot be copied.

In order to use this feature, you must have a Huawei device running EMUI 9.1 software update. Check your device compatibility here.

How to activate Huawei Car Key feature:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Device connectivity > NFC
  • Enable NFC
  • Set Default payment app to your automobile manufacturer’s app.

Here’s how to use Digital Car Key:

How to unlock a Car:

You need only hold your Huawei device near the car’s door handle to unlock it. To unlock your car, hold the NFC area of your Phone near your car’s door handle. The screen can be on or off.

How to start a Car:

Enter the car, put the Huawei device into the car’s wireless charging dock, you can start the car with one button. It strictly requires that the mobile phone must be placed in the designated position in the car to ensure that it can start the car.

After your car is started, you can remove your Phone from the Wireless Charging dock.

How to lock a Car:

To lock your car, close the door after you get out and hold the NFC area of your Phone near your car’s door handle.

How to share a Car Key:

You can share multiple secondary keys to others and revoke them at any time from your automobile manufacturer’s app. The number, sharing method, and usage of the shared keys vary depending on your car model.

How does it work?

Huawei mobile phone keys follow the CCC1 Digital Key 1.0 standard. Based on NFC technology and encryption technology, the key and algorithm logic is stored in the hardware chip and will not be accessed and copied by third-party programs. Effectively protect the safe use of mobile phone keys. It can be said that the security of the digital car key is the same as the bank IC card.

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